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Disability Management Insights, Inc.
“Insight & Ability to Manage Disability”


Disability Management Insights, Inc (DMI) understands that an organization is more profitable when its employees are productive, healthy, and focused on their jobs. Maintaining a productive workforce often involves prioritizing and managing key initiatives in workers’ compensation, disability management, and return-to-work.

Blending insight from experience with innovative thinking, DMI combines both Medical Case Management and Legal Nurse Consulting Services that focus on individualized solutions that support medical dispute resolution and facilitates healing and return to work.

Our consulting services are based on best practices in key areas:
• Workers’ Compensation
• Medical Case Management
• Labor Code § 3201.5 & 3201.7 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Disability Management
• Occupational Health

As a liaison between the legal and healthcare communities, we practice in both plaintiff and defense capacities in collaboration with attorneys, insurance companies, physicians, government offices,
risk management departments, clients, and others involved in the claims, legal, and return-to-work process.

DMI Principle, Linda J. Stutzman, Legal Nurse Consultant, has over 20 years of experience as a registered nurse, small business owner, and manager. She spent the last decade specializing in disability management, workers’ compensation, occupational health, and medical case management while serving as an Ombudsman under Labor Code 3201.5, Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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