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CARVE-OUTS: An Opportunity For Occupational Disability Management
By Linda J. Stutzman, RN, COHN/CM, CPDM
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Evidence-Based Return-to-Work Guidelines
By Linda J. Stutzman, RN, COHNS/CM, CPDM, LNC
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Blending the insight from experience with innovative thinking, DMI provides customized consulting and best practice solutions. Our consulting services support transitional work and the interactive process by working closely with medical providers to provide work limitations which enable employers to develop/provide reasonable accommodations for return to work.
Disability Management Insights, Inc. (DMI) is an independent legal nurse consulting practice that offers clients individualized strategies that support collaboration in the workers’ compensation claims and medical/legal process to improve return-to-work objectives for all parties - Employees, Employers, Legal, Claim Supervisors and Adjusters.



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