Case Management & Legal Nurse Consulting

Case Management & Legal Nurse Consulting

DMI is uniquely qualified to provide Medical Case Management and Legal Nurse Consulting Services. We facilitate/coordinate medical care and communicate with all parties involved with the return-to-work process to support transitional work, the interactive process, and reasonable accommodation.

As a liaison between the legal and the healthcare communities, DMI consults in both plaintiff and defense capacities in collaboration with attorneys, insurance companies, physicians, government offices, risk management departments, clients and others involved in the medical-legal process.


  • Actively communicate with medical/treatment providers;
  • Resolve medical disputes;
  • Facilitate rehabilitation and return to work for employees;
  • Support continued productivity for employers;
  • Objective  review, assessment, interpretation and analysis of medical records to identify both positive and negative outcomes; and,
  • Develop, implement and evaluate alternative plans of action that support recovery, return-to-work, and improved claims and settlement outcomes.

“Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote patient safety, quality of care, and cost effective outcomes.”

- The definition of case management, as approved by The Case Management Society of America; 2016;

"The primary role of the legal nurse consultant is to evaluate, analyze, and render informed opinions on the delivery of health care and the resulting outcomes. For over 20 years, legal nurse consultants have acted as collaborators and strategists, offering support in medically-related litigation and medical-legal matters."
- American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants


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About DMI

Blending the insight from experience with innovative thinking, DMI provides customized consulting and best practice solutions. Our consulting services support transitional work and the interactive process by working closely with medical providers to provide work limitations which enable employers to develop/provide reasonable accommodations for return to work.
Disability Management Insights, Inc. (DMI) is an independent legal nurse consulting practice that offers clients individualized strategies that support collaboration in the workers’ compensation claims and medical/legal process to improve return-to-work objectives for all parties - Employees, Employers, Legal, Claim Supervisors and Adjusters.



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