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Occupational Health & Employee Health in Healthcare

Based on industry trends and our successful client work, we have identified best practices in the areas of employee health in healthcare, return-to-work programming, occupational health and safety, wellness, ergonomics, workers’ compensation, and carve-out programs for bargained groups, as well as other areas related to disability management disciplines.

Employee Occupational Health Consulting

  • Employee Occupational Health Program Integration Design and Implementation
  • Loss Control Strategies
  • Consistent Injury Response Programs
  • Internal Industrial Case Management Programs
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Employee Health Policy and Procedure Development


Our employer-based case management model programs utilize early intervention, communication, coordination, and evaluation of treatment in the management of Workers’ Compensation claims.

Consulting services include assessment of scope of services, policies and procedures, standards of practice and personnel as compared to best practices; and recruitment and retention strategies for employee occupational health personnel to support gate-keeping, injury prevention and early return-to-work.

We work with our clients to develop appropriate opportunities to streamline and integrate management of their occupational and non-occupational health programs with employee health programs and disability management programs. Our ultimate goal for our clients is savings as a result of decreased cost of absence, improved productivity and more efficient administrative processes. Additional goals are enhanced services and support for injured and ill workers and earlier return to work for all employees.

“Occupational health case management is unique in that it focuses on the mutually beneficial relationship between the employee and the employer. Certified occupational health nurses routinely communicate with employees, employers, healthcare providers and attorneys to modify work tasks to accommodate temporary and permanent disabilities…while maintaining a perspective on the best care at the right time by the right provider, and delivered at an appropriate cost. ”

- American Board for Occupational Health Nurses


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About DMI

Blending the insight from experience with innovative thinking, DMI provides customized consulting and best practice solutions. Our consulting services support transitional work and the interactive process by working closely with medical providers to provide work limitations which enable employers to develop/provide reasonable accommodations for return to work.
Disability Management Insights, Inc. (DMI) is an independent legal nurse consulting practice that offers clients individualized strategies that support collaboration in the workers’ compensation claims and medical/legal process to improve return-to-work objectives for all parties - Employees, Employers, Legal, Claim Supervisors and Adjusters.



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